About us

Resultado de imagen para programmersSince 2008, we are a global company that provides consultancy, development, production and promotion services on the internet and social networks for politicians, artists, professionals and companies. We strive to give support to organizations and individuals so that their visions, dreams and objectives of social and digital promotion come true. We can help you carry out campaigns, structures and planning in social networks and the internet.

Our team consists mainly of marketers, computer engineers and web designers. We have a lot of experience, which has made us the pioneers and leaders in promotion services and presence in social networks in the world.

The director of Shopatia is a person of renown and honored in the international web marketing industry. You can be sure that you are in the best hands when it comes to social networks, promotion and programming on the web.who we are

At Shopatia we develop the most advanced technology for your needs and find the market you are looking for. We are specialists in the operation of the internet and advertising tactics in this medium. That is why we give results and we are the best option for programming and virtual advertising for you